As institutions aiming to raise awareness about mental wellness, we believe those concerned about the Blue Whale Challenge should also understand why a game like this might have gone viral in the first place. By learning more about mental wellness in children, we can all help prevent future avatars of phenomena like the Blue Whale.


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The Color of Grey Cells

The core of COGC is Creative Arts Psychotherapy - creating safe & open spaces for exploration and expression, which has proven to have a positive rub-off on the individual’s personality instead. As the founder of COGC, Anshuma Kshetrapal, believes that Creative Arts Psychotherapy isn’t curative, but introspective & preventive in nature, and is leading a new era that attempts to remove the stigma around mental wellness by redefining how we perceive its treatment altogether.


Banjara Academy

Holistic mental wellness is our biggest weapon in fighting a phenomenon of the Blue Whale Challenge’s nature.

Banjara Academy is a Gurukul and a counselling centre dedicated towards helping children who are facing challenges, be they physical, mental or emotional. It aims to reach out to others, understand their feelings, and empower them to help themselves.



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This website does not endorse, support or promote the phenomenon called Blue Whale Challenge or any similar phenomenon, in any manner.